Message from Medical Director Katz about CCSF Layoffs

Message from Medical Director Dr. Mitchell Katz:

Effective Layoff Date Extended to Friday, June 11

Mayor Newsom has agreed to extend the effective date of layoffs noticed on or about March 5, 2010, to close of business on Friday, June 11, 2010. This extension is to ensure that layoff processing is coordinated with the budget reductions requested of City Departments and to allow for ratification of any tentative agreements with the City’s labor partners.

The City and its labor partners have been in negotiations to finalize labor agreements following a March 26, 2010, tentative agreement between Mayor Newsom and the Public Employee Union leaders. Once the agreements are finalized, employees of each participating union must vote to ratify the agreements. As each union ratifies a tentative agreement providing alternatives to the planned reorganization to part-time positions, the layoff notices associated with that reorganization will be rescinded for those represented employees.

In order to protect the rights of employees, the City’s Department of Human Resources (DHR) will continue to move forward with layoff processing. DHR anticipates that it will begin to offer part-time positions the week of April 19, 2010. It is important that employees respond to any return to duty offers in a timely manner, should the tentative agreements not be ratified. Upon rescission of any layoff, all related offers and elections will also be voided.

Employees are encouraged to visit DHR’s layoff website for the latest updates: www.sfgov.org/layoff. If employees have questions, they may contact the City’s Layoff Customer Service Call Center at (415) 557-4800 or their DPH HR Office.