CORRECTED State Bargaining Update for May 28, 2010

The UAPD Bargaining Team met with representatives at the State Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) on April 28th and again on Wednesday May 19th. On both dates, the DPA passed conceptual proposals that improved somewhat on what the State had initially proposed back on February 4th.

However, there are still significant take-aways in the proposal the state is now offering doctors. The state has proposed:

  • A mandatory, 8-hour “personal leave” day–without pay–each month (reducing pay 4.65%) for the first year of the contract
  • Increasing the employee contribution to PERS by 5%
  • Lowering the retirement formula for Miscellaneous/lndustrial/ARP Members to 2% at age 60 and for State Safety Members to 2% at age 55 for new employees
  • Insisting that UAPD not oppose any CalPERS cuts supported by the Governor.
  • Eliminating the Rural Health Care program.
  • Eliminating two holidays (Lincoln’s Birthday and Columbus Day) and giving one hour of ATO for every two hours worked on six holidays

On the plus side, the State also proposed increasing the maximum salary for all classifications by 5% beginning just over two years from now (July 1, 2012) and dropped its proposal to require doctors to contribute towards prefunding retiree health care benefits.