Doctors Fight to Save Medical Care for Veterans

Late on Thursday, July 30th, UAPD was notified of the cancellation of the planned Senate Hearing in Yountville.  It appears progress is being made on talks between the Committee and the Governor’s office–UAPD will release details as they become available.

Staff and residents of the Yountville Veterans’ Home, administered by the California Department of Veterans’ Affairs (CDVA), were given word just before the Memorial Day holiday that CDVA plans to close the acute care unit (1-South) of the home’s Holderman Hospital . CDVA put its plan in motion by issuing layoff notices for half of the home’s Medical Staff. If allowed to proceed, the layoffs and unit closure would severely compromise the quality of medical care given to the 1,100 veterans who reside at the home.  Moreover the short-term savings generated by these cuts would be dwarfed by the long-term costs associated with providing the veterans’ medical care in area private hospitals.

Founded in 1884, the Yountville Veterans’ Home is the largest state-run veterans’ home in the country, and houses the nation’s largest group of World War II veterans, many of whom require advanced medical care

Article about Yountville by Robert Weinmann, M.D.