In September 2010, on a motion by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, Los Angeles County CEO William Fujioka submitted a report to the Board of Supervisors called “Options to Reform the County Pension System.”  The County claims to face a $26 billion liability in coming years related to pension and retiree health care costs.

In October, Antonovich made another motion, this time to direct the CEO to enter negotiations with the Unions over a series of benefit proposals including raising the county’s minimum retirement age and increasing employees’ contributions.  Although the majority of the Board appeared to be leaning toward supporting Antonovich’s motion, it died on a significant technicality: the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), of which UAPD is a member, had just concluded negotiations that extended the contract covering benefits, including pensions, through 2012.  The Board of Supervisors stopped seeking reforms to the retirement system when the CCU threatened legal action.  UAPD and the CCU will continue to monitor the pension situation closely.