Ventura County Doctors Fight For UAPD

More than sixty physicians in Ventura County has been fighting to join UAPD for more than four years, staying committed to the idea of having a union even though their employer has opposed it at every step.  “The main reason we wanted a union is that county management refused to talk and negotiate with us.  We felt that if we were unionized they would have to deal with us on a more level basis.” noted Dr. Steven Barr from West Ventura Medical Clinic.

After years of legal challenges, the UAPD was recently granted recognition by the county’s Civil Service Commission; however the County has refused to negotiate in good faith with UAPD. “The main obstacle in Ventura is that management is so desperate to maintain all power that they have resorted to disobeying the rule of law,” Barr further stated.

UAPD has filed an Unfair Labor Practice over the County’s actions at the bargaining table and is currently in the process of a formal hearing.  The physicians in Ventura County have been pushing for a union for several years and will continue to fight.  The experience has confirmed Dr. Barr’s belief that  “Unions are important in protecting doctors as patient advocates from the number crunchers.”