On February 21, 2012 the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on State Administration held an oversight hearing on the contracting out of State work.  UAPD President Dr. Stuart Bussey presented testimony about why contracting out of doctor services presents a problem for all Californians.  Dr. Bussey presented evidence that:

Even with full benefits and a State retirement contribution of 18% there is still a monetary savings of about 29% that comes from using civil servant doctors.

He also argued that:

Another troubling State liability regarding contracted employees is that they could demand to be granted retroactive service credits, benefits, even pensions, if they were to seek legal reclassification as civil service employees.

Dr. Bussey presented a list of solutions that included passing the UAPD-sponsored Public Employee Bill of Rights (AB 1655), directing more effort towards recruitment and retention of civil servants, and limiting the circumstances and time period for which a contractor can be used.

Download Dr. Bussey’s Testimony (pdf)