UC Bargaining Begins in January

Under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA), universities and unions are required to post their initial bargaining subjects and hold meetings where members of the public can comment. Those public notice meetings will take place January 8 and January 23 at UC’s headquarters, 300 Lakeside Drive in Oakland.

After this requirement is met, contract bargaining will begin. UAPD and UC have already scheduled dates in February through May, with the goal of ratifying our new contract during the current fiscal year.

Many doctors filled out a bargaining priorities survey in late May. That survey was sent only to people who had signed union authorization cards. Now that eligibility for the UAPD bargaining unit has been agreed, a new survey will soon be distributed to everyone who will be represented by the Union.

All physicians and dentists, including those who filled out the previous survey, are encouraged to complete this one, which will directly inform our proposals.