UAPD and UC Meet Over UCI Hours

On January 9th, UAPD was notified by UCI administrators that they planned to extend hours at the Student Health Center.  UAPD Labor Representative Jake Baxter met with a group of UCI doctors to prepare a response, and then, along with one of the UCI doctors, met with management on January 22nd to conduct a “meet and confer” over the issue.  Once a union is in place, the employer cannot change working conditions without conducting such a meeting with all impacted unions.

At the meet and confer, the following agreements were made:
  • It was agreed that the program is needed and is beneficial to the students, and that the program would start January 22, 2014, staffed by doctors who volunteered to do so.
  • UCI administration will provide UAPD with a proposal regarding the duties and responsibilities of doctors during the extended hours pilot.
  • It is the intent of UC to provide an incentive payment to participating physicians from the start of the pilot.  UC will make a proposal regarding the incentive payment amount that the physicians shall receive.  It was agreed that UAPD and UCI will meet and confer again over the incentive payment proposal.
  • Both parties agreed to meet and confer until the issue is resolved.

UAPD will update UCI doctors as the meet and confer process continues.