Santa Clara County Mediation Set for June 4, 2014

On June 4, 2014, UAPD and Santa Clara County will submit to mandatory mediation under the county ordinances. A mediator, assigned by the State Mediation and Conciliation Services, will work with both sides to try to reach agreement for a successor MOU.  A major issue of contention is the “mandatory assignment” language that would have allow the County to unilaterally assign shift/location coverage to our members whenever operationally necessary.  UAPD is committed to using this process as effectively as possible. As such, the Union has requested release time for 2-3 additional UAPD members to augment the negotiating committee so that more of your voices can be heard.   Those who are interested in participating should call Patricia Hernandez in the UAPD Oakland Office (1-800-622-0909).