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New Santa Clara Contract Contains Large Raises

October 28, 2016

For the first time in over 15 years, Santa Clara doctors were able to ratify a successor agreement before the expiration of the previous contract.  The three year contract will increase base salaries for all UAPD specialties by 13% in the first year with an additional 19% increase for Acute Care Services & Juvenile Hall psychiatrists – a total of 32%! For the second and third years, salaries will increase by 3% each year.  The total wage increases are 19% to 38%! In addition, hourly rates for EPS, BAP, Urgent Care and Custody shifts were all raised significantly; new rates range from $161 – $225 per hour depending on shift.

Tuition reimbursement will be increased from $2800 to $4500 per fiscal year and can be rolled over, from year to year, for a total of $9000.  That’s an increase of more than 60% of the current benefit.

The agreement has been ratified by UAPD members, and the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors will vote to ratify this agreement soon

Santa Clara Bargaining Update

September 6, 2016

The  UAPD Negotiating Committee has been meeting with the County on a regular basis. UAPD submitted a comprehensive package proposal, which includes competitive market adjustments for all specialties; improvements to tuition reimbursement and license/certification renewals; due process and severance for terminations of employment; increased rates for extra duty assignments; Cost of Living Increases (COLA); and the committee has agreed to expand the Main Jail incentive to all assignments in Custody and Acute Care Services as a combined incentive and base wage proposal. 

So far, the County has rejected any improvements to due process for terminations and has proposed below market adjustments and COLAs that do not amount to similar, across the board, increases for other County employees.  Although the County has expressed an urgency to reach an agreement before the expiration of our MOU next month, it has made minute movements toward an agreement that our members will ratify. 

Santa Clara Doctors Stop Contracting Out

November 12, 2015

A battle between doctors in Santa Clara County and County administrators ended with a big victory for UAPD.  After weeks of protest, the County agreed not to replace doctors at their corrections facilities with outside contractors as originally planned.  The County instead raised the differential for those jobs to 25%.  With that differential in place, positions that had remained vacant for years quickly filled.  A UAPD doctor was also given a seat on the Blue Ribbon Commission that was created to investigate and improve conditions in the jails.

Back in September, UAPD received notice that Traditions Behavioral Health and representatives of the County of Santa Clara had signed an agreement to immediately hire outside contractors to provide psychiatric services to the Main Jail, Elmwood Correctional Facility, and Elmwood Correctional Center for Women.  At about the same time, two doctors currently employed in the Main Jail were told that starting in October, custodial health services will be performed by TBH contractors rather public employees.

UAPD launched a comprehensive campaign to urge the County Supervisors to reject that agreement, and a large number of Santa Clara doctors have joined the fight.  The County’s attempt to replace regular positions with contractors posed a direct threat to all Santa Clara doctor jobs and the services they provide to the community.
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Santa Clara Contract Approved

July 14, 2014

With unanimous support, UAPD members approved the tentative agreement on Wednesday.  The County Board of Supervisors will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 for the first hearing and vote.  The second reading will occur on August 5, 2014.  Two readings are required before the BOS for County ratification.

Salary increases will be effective retroactively to July 7, 2014.

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TA reached in Santa Clara County

July 3, 2014

On July 2nd, the UAPD Bargaining Team in Santa Clara County reached a tentative agreement with their employer during mandatory mediation.  Mediation was scheduled after doctors in the unit voted to reject an offer made by the County in April.   A major issue of contention was the County’s demand for language that would allow them to unilaterally assign shift and location coverage to doctors whenever operationally necessary.  Instead, the County has agreed to offer premium pay for night and weekend shifts in its 24-hour facilities in order to recruit volunteers to work those shifts.  Also as a result of the agreement, all members will receive a 9.5% increase over the next two years plus an additional increase of 6.491% in exchange for picking up the employee contribution to retirement (all salary increases and differentials will be based on the new base salary, which includes the 6.491% increase).  The tentative agreement contains other significant economic gains, including moving many doctors to a higher classification with an additional 4.5% increase.  The Santa Clara Bargaining Team has encouraged UAPD members to approve this contract.

Santa Clara County Mediation Set for June 4, 2014

May 22, 2014

On June 4, 2014, UAPD and Santa Clara County will submit to mandatory mediation under the county ordinances. A mediator, assigned by the State Mediation and Conciliation Services, will work with both sides to try to reach agreement for a successor MOU.  A major issue of contention is the “mandatory assignment” language that would have allow the County to unilaterally assign shift/location coverage to our members whenever operationally necessary.  UAPD is committed to using this process as effectively as possible. As such, the Union has requested release time for 2-3 additional UAPD members to augment the negotiating committee so that more of your voices can be heard.   Those who are interested in participating should call Patricia Hernandez in the UAPD Oakland Office (1-800-622-0909).

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UAPD Demands That Santa Clara County Cease and Desist

February 13, 2014

On February 12th, UAPD represented physicians were ordered to provide night, weekend, and holiday coverage at EPS, BAP, and Custody Services without prior notice to the Union.  UAPD immediately sent the following communication from our attorney to County counsel asking for immediate rescission of those work directives:

UAPD formally demand[s] the County rescind a unilateral change last night of mandating psychiatrists take night shift work starting this Saturday. Last night’s directive was issued without prior notice and bargaining with UAPD and therefore under MMBA needs to be rescinded and the matter negotiated with UAPD first… The County has known of its problem with night shifts and Emcare for many months, and has not dealt seriously with a UAPD proposal many weeks ago for a night premium which would encourage doctors to take these shifts (because it would be closer to the rate prevailing in the Bay Area), and thus any emergency here is of the County’s own creation.

The County’s directive is creating an unsafe situation creating risks for all patients and staff in the area.  Accordingly it seems to me the doctors legally might be entitled to refuse to take such unsafe assignments, though obviously no one wants to escalate the dispute here to that level. The County’s representatives should contact Patricia Hernandez at UAPD directly for the purpose of negotiations.”


Santa Clara County Bargaining Update

February 12, 2014

Yesterday, UAPD met with the County to continue negotiations over a successor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  In typical form, the County has shown little interest in quickly reaching an agreement with the Union.  So far, the County has proposed a one year contract with a dismal 0.5% increase in exchange for “structural changes” of decreasing the employee paid employer’s contribution toward PERS. Meanwhile, the County has agreed to two year terms for all other unions with a 2% wage increase in the first year and a 3% wage increase in the second year.

UAPD has made several proposals,  such as a realignment of P49 to P55 salary scale; Sabbatical Leave; Additional Pay for Additional Work; and 100% Annual Leave cash-out.  The County has rejected all of them!  While UAPD holds the line on these proposals, we are preparing wage and market adjustment proposals which will be presented to the County in the next meeting.  Please be sure to forward any salary comparisons within the County limits of Santa Clara for your specialty to

While our members continue to overextend themselves in maintaining the highest quality patient care amidst the challenges and frustrations of EHR and increased workloads, the County’s responses merely emphasizes its interest in maintaining bureaucratic delays instead of working with UAPD to find fair and equitable solutions to ongoing issues that affect our members.

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Less than Full-Time FTEs in Santa Clara

February 12, 2014

Some good news on an on-going issue.  Those physicians who currently work above their 50% FTE on a regular basis will have their Annual Leave hours adjusted to their average hours worked in 2013.  Payroll has been instructed to calculate and restore Annual Leave hours within the next several weeks.  Also, Dr. Ho will begin the paperwork to change half-time FTEs to the following scale based on your average hours in 2013:

FTE and Average Hours Worked Per Pay Period

50%        40 hrs/pp
60%        48 hrs/pp
67%        53.6 hrs/pp
70%        56 hrs/pp
75%        60 hrs/pp
80%        64 hrs/pp
87.5%     70 hrs/pp
90%        72 hrs/pp

Please contact Patricia Hernandez at if you would like to know your average hours worked in 2013.

Support Cindy Chavez for Santa Clara County Supervisor

May 16, 2013

On June 4th, Santa Clara County will hold a special election to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors.  This is an opportunity for UAPD members to support a candidate that will represent our members fairly and equitably in Santa Clara County.  Former Vice Mayor Chavez publicly opposed the Board of Supervisor’s decision to unilaterally implement furloughs and cuts to UAPD members in 2012.  She was instrumental in getting the County back to the table, where UAPD negotiated long overdue improvements to salary and benefits for our members in that County.  Click Here to Donate Today!