TA reached in Santa Clara County

On July 2nd, the UAPD Bargaining Team in Santa Clara County reached a tentative agreement with their employer during mandatory mediation.  Mediation was scheduled after doctors in the unit voted to reject an offer made by the County in April.   A major issue of contention was the County’s demand for language that would allow them to unilaterally assign shift and location coverage to doctors whenever operationally necessary.  Instead, the County has agreed to offer premium pay for night and weekend shifts in its 24-hour facilities in order to recruit volunteers to work those shifts.  Also as a result of the agreement, all members will receive a 9.5% increase over the next two years plus an additional increase of 6.491% in exchange for picking up the employee contribution to retirement (all salary increases and differentials will be based on the new base salary, which includes the 6.491% increase).  The tentative agreement contains other significant economic gains, including moving many doctors to a higher classification with an additional 4.5% increase.  The Santa Clara Bargaining Team has encouraged UAPD members to approve this contract.