Bargaining between UAPD and California State University began with a meeting in May, and then talks were put on hold for the summer months.  Our contract, which normally would have expired on June 30th, has been extended, so all language remains in effect during negotiations.

The UAPD CSU Bargaining Team and the CSU Chancellor’s Office began meeting again on October 6th and 7th.  After two days of bargaining in Long Beach, we remain at odds about how to reach a settlement.  Our next meetings will take place on November 13th and 14th.

While the Chancellor’s Office team expressed the need for CSU Bargaining Unit 1 physicians to increase their engagement in Student Health Center issues, they refused to indicate what they are willing to do recruit and retain doctors. They spoke about equity in pay, but as of our last session very little has been proposed by management.  UAPD has proposed various means of increasing physician pay, including a differential for board certified physicians, special raises for those earning in the lowest quartile, and longevity increases, in addition to across the board raises that would benefit everyone.  If they are truly committed to pay equity, CSU management needs to offer concrete economic proposals of their own.

The CSU team also has not agreed to new non-economic language presented by the union, including proposals to decrease the length of probation, create a Labor/Management Committee and a Safety Committee, and limit contracting out and layoffs.  The UAPD team has also made proposals to improve the way CSU handles discipline, grievances, evaluations and personnel files, none of which were accepted by management.   Nevertheless, the UAPD team continues to put forth positive and creative proposals to address these and other physician issues.

The Chancellor’s office has not put forward much so far, but we remain hopeful that in time we will reach an agreement. Negotiations will resume on November 13th and 14th . Your bargaining team is composed of Dr. Greg Thomas (SLO Campus), Dr. Peter Ewald (SF Campus), Dr. Kay Gamo (SF campus), and David Trujillo (UAPD Labor Representative).  We will keep you updated.