Gardner Begins E/PERC Meetings

Gardner providers had their first E/PERC Committee meeting on October 16, 2014. Union members and management came together to discuss several issues impacting providers’ schedules and workloads. This E/PERC shall be an ongoing committee between labor and management, which will convene to address Medicine, Dental, and Optometry.  The first meeting focused on Medicine’s scheduling templates, work flow, and best practices. 

The providers agreed to act on the following items immediately:

Templates – 1. The last three appointments in each shift will be reserved for “ultra short” appointments for the specialty.  2.  Self Identifying scheduling code for a physical shall be created and will be limited to one spot per shift.

Work Flow – 1. Increased training for support staff such as MAs.  This training will encompass broadening their duties to lessen the administrative functions for the provider and to eliminate duplicity of processes. 2. Standardizing the MA assignments to a particular provider. 3.  BOC training on proper scheduling of patients. 3. Emphasis on team approach to delivering care for all staff.

Best Practices – GFHN wants to assure that best practices are standardized throughout the organization.  Due to Dr. Meza-Rocha’s upcoming retirement, GFHN is in the  process of hiring a new Clinic Manager at Compre Care and St. James.  Gilroy’s Clinic Manager will help the new clinic managers transition to their new positions as soon as they are filled.  With this “shadowing,” Dawn will be reporting on the differences in practices in these two clinics from Gilroy.  Particular focus will be placed on staffing; consistency in staffing; the clinics’ physical set up; and staff training.

Because E/PERC is an ongoing process that will require participation from all services and clinics, we will be scheduling more meetings to focus on Dental and Optometry, in addition to a follow-up to Medicine.  UAPD members are asked to volunteer within the next two weeks to participate in these future meetings.  Please email Patricia Hernandez at pat@uapd.com to participate.  UAPD will help coordinate these meetings with management.