UAPD and Alameda Health Services Far Apart in Bargaining

Alameda Health Services has shown itself to be ill-prepared to bargain with UAPD doctors.  Over the last few months, they have cancelled four sessions of bargaining with UAPD.  AHS has also failed to provide vital information necessary for the Union to prepare and respond to proposals.  Last week, UAPD finally received a comprehensive wage proposal, but it was both complicated and fragmented.  AHS proposes creating a convoluted system for granting lump sum quarterly bonuses to doctors, dependent on various measures, including productivity standards that even management agreed are impossible to reach.  AHS is against granting any base wage increases for UAPD physicians, despite the recently negotiated increases for OakCare doctors, who will receive an 18% increase in the next 24 months.  The UAPD bargaining team is communicating with members to gather reactions to the AHS proposal.