Alameda Health System

AB 722 Safeguards Jobs of Unionized Physicians

Dr. Milton Lorig, a former physician, AHS member, and member of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD), a co-sponsor of AB 722, said, “Privatization, or subcontracting of public services, can be a deceptive practice. In healthcare settings, over reliance...

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Negotiations Begin Soon at Alameda Health System

UAPD has notified Alameda Health System about opening the next round of negotiations.  Due to recent retirements, there are two new committee members on the team.  Dr. Milton Lorig, although retired from AHS, will continue to volunteer his time to the team. AHS has...

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Victory for AHS Doctors! Arbitrator Rules in Favor of UAPD

UAPD decisively won at arbitration against Alameda Health System (AHS). Two years ago, AHS contracted out psychiatrists' jobs in the psychiatric emergency services/triage services to Traditions Behavioral Health (TBH), flagrantly violating both UAPD's MOU and a...

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A Summary of the AHS January 24th Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, January 24th, a UAPD representative for AHS met with your colleagues following the monthly provider meeting.  We had a very good, engaging meeting.  UAPD gave a brief update on the status of negotiations, which is advancing...

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