New Agreement for San Francisco County Doctors

The UAPD contract ratification vote for the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) concluded on Friday, May 29th.  95% of union members casting ballots voted to ratify the new three-year Agreement between UAPD and the City and County of San Francisco. A summary of the new Agreement is here.

It is expected that the Board of Supervisors will hold their second and final vote to ratify our contract later this month.

Special note regarding the new compensatory time off (CTO) provision:  CTO will be capped at 160 hours, with a maximum of 120 hours allowed to be carried over to the following fiscal year (i.e., every July 1). CTO cannot be cashed-out, in contrast with vacation leave which can be cashed-out at any time, including upon separation from City employment. Therefore, UAPD members should always use CTO for time off before tapping vacation leave.