Resolutions Passed at the UAPD 2015 Triennial

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  1. UAPD Support and Advocate for Changes in Federal Law to authorize employed physicians who are supervisors or managers to unionize for purposes of collective bargaining under the National Labor Relations Board.
  2. UAPD will establish a salary equity task force to investigate SDSU and the other California State Universities for pay discrimination and negotiate equity raises for female physicians, DOs, and others under the glass ceiling.
  3. Psychiatric and Medical Consultants both be allowed bonuses for reducing backlogs.
  4. UAPD should consider a name change to more appropriately include other health care professionals.
  5. Medical Staff Bylaws allow medical staff membership for physicians who meet the minimum state requirements for the position (board certificate or eligibility is not a hiring requirement).
  6. Employers must disclose to new hires all salary ranges and UAPD sponsor and/or author a State hiring transparency bill.
  7. That the Union take action to 1) Address the failure of employers to disclose pension reductions for new employees under PEPRA and 2) Negotiate new pension benefits for new employees covered by PEPRA.
  8. The UAPD will not support CURES legislation unless physician participation is voluntary and until such time as the Department of Justice certifies that the data base is ready for statewide use.
  9. Use of telemedicine providers in the DSH system be specifically restricted in the UAPD contract to consultation only; i.e. primary attending duties must be done by doctors physically present on site.
  10. UAPD negotiate for reimbursement of the Maintenance of Certification Fees/Programs by the State in our contract.
  11. UAPD negotiate for a Recruitment and Retention Bonus at all State facilities with shortage areas.
  12. UAPD will work with other groups and coalitions to pass legislation that addresses and creates solutions for health-related social issues.
  13. UAPD sponsor legislation to clarify the definition of public employee in the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (Govt. Code 3501.d).
  14. The UAPD support and advocate for legislation that seeks to implement a Single Payer or an improved Medicare for All health care system.
  15. UAPD negotiated MOUs must contain provisions to clearly determine caseload/workload size. Guidelines and quotas can only be determined by joint committee of employees and management and not imposed unilaterially.
  16. UAPD negotiated MOUs must contain a provision that sets aside a block of time in the normal work day schedule specifically allocated for such EHR work; not to be done on overtime without pay.
  17. UAPD achieve parity with CDCR through upcoming contract negotiations for DSH physicians and surgeons .
  18. UAPD achieve parity pay in all systems.