AHS Psychiatry SAN & PES Night Emergency Pay Issues

UAPD is in the process of resolving the SAN Psychiatrist wage adjustment dispute with Alameda Health System.  UAPD contends that each and every Psychiatry SAN classification (Psychiatrist I; Psychiatrist II, non Board Certified; Psychiatrist II, Board Certified; and the 1900-0700 flat rate shift) should receive the previously advertised wage adjustment of approximately 5.7% (148/140) going back to 6/21/15.

UAPD further contends that there should be NO change in the manner in which evening shift differentials, night shift differentials, and overnight 1900-0700 shifts have historically been paid. UAPD maintains that retroactivity checks should be 5.7% of wages earned from 6/21/15 through when the wage adjustment is properly implemented