Alameda County

AHS Psychiatry SAN & PES Night Emergency Pay Issues

UAPD is in the process of resolving the SAN Psychiatrist wage adjustment dispute with Alameda Health System.  UAPD contends that each and every Psychiatry SAN classification (Psychiatrist I; Psychiatrist II, non Board Certified; Psychiatrist II, Board Certified; and...

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UAPD Reaches TA with Alameda County

After a long period of negotation, UAPD has finally reached an agreement with Alameda County.  Click here to see a summary of the agreement.  The UAPD Team is asking members to vote YES to ratify this agreement on or before the deadline of February 12, 2016.   Ballots...

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Alameda Doctors Unsatisfied with County Offer

Alameda County currently has over a 50% vacancy rate among Physician llls and is spending $190 per hour on locum tenens to provide some coverage.  Last fiscal year alone, the County spent $1.55 million dollars on locum coverage.  To explain the vacancy rate, the UAPD...

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Alameda Health System Doctors Settle Strong Contract

UAPD and AHS reached an agreement on a successor MOU.  The new MOU is a three-year agreement from June 27, 2014 through June 30, 2017. For the Dentists, there will be a 5% across the board increase dating back to the pay period closest to October 1, 2014, meaning that...

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AHS Doctors Will Not Be Forced into Foundation

UAPD-represented doctors working for Alameda Health System (AHS) have asked whether they, along with the unrepresented doctors working at Highland Hospital, will be forced into the new foundation being created by AHS.  The answer  is no.  UAPD took action last year to...

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