Ventura County Recognizes UAPD Doctors and Providers

It took 10 years of legal and political maneuvering, but last week Ventura County officials informed UAPD that it will be recognized as the exclusive representative of approximately 119 providers in multiple Ventura county clinics.

Bargaining will commence the first week in December. 

The saga began in 2006 when UAPD began organizing the Ventura doctors and NPs. We were recognized and began bargaining in 2010.
After a couple of sessions, the County refused to continue, stating they were joint employers with the private medical clinics. UAPD took the County to Superior Court to decide this issue. Meanwhile, SEIU 721 won a decision in 2018 essentially identifying the County as the sole employer of all its non-medical employees.
We used this decision and excellent political pressure and organizing grit by our UAPD team to garner dozens of member cards. After recent mediation, the County decided to (again) recognize our union.
Kudos go to all of the doctors and advanced providers who never gave up on UAPD. And our great UAPD organizing team of Rachel Flores, Patricia Castillo, Indya Adams, and Chris Ige helped make this bargaining unit happen.