NEVHC Providers Face COVID-19 Challenges

Since October the toll the pandemic has taken on NEVHC providers, staff and patients alike, as well as the entire community NEVHC serves has reached epic proportions.

The ongoing fact is that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit NEVHC and all Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) hard. UAPD has robust participation at each clinic site, in each department, and at all levels. However, the ongoing financial, physical, medical and political economic uncertainty has taken a toll on everyone. All NEVHC departments are well represented on UAPD’s leadership and bargaining teams.

Reasonable accommodations were made for high-risk (for COVID) providers to do telework. Short- and long- term plans were made with management to keep the organization functioning and able to provide a safe and viable work place, with sufficient protocols and PPE. To date there have been no layoffs of UAPD providers, however dozens of ancillary support staff have been laid off, which has caused major concern and challenges to the providers, who now must do everything without sufficient assistive personnel.

NEVHC administration to date has still not yet fully implemented UAPD providers’ plans and suggestions for the COVID-19 Task Force.