UAPD Ratifies Contract with Ventura County!

The results of the ratification vote came in and the Ventura County bargaining team was pleased to announce the ratification of the new tentative agreement, the first for this newly organized group. The tentative agreement received a strong 91% approval rating from members.

UAPD reached a Tentative Agreement over a new Memorandum of Agreement with the County of Ventura over the Easter weekend.  The Bargaining Team worked three days straight on securing a fair contract.  UAPD began its organizing efforts back in 2006  and resumed them again in 2010, when the Public Employment Relations Board ruled in UAPD’s favor by calling Ventura County a Joint Employer under the law.

UAPD began its most recent Ventura County organizing campaign in 2020 and began bargaining with the County in late December 2020.  The doctors base salaries were very low compared to surrounding counties because most of their pay was based on incentive pay.  In negotiating their first contract, UAPD increased their base salaries to competitive market rates and secured health and pension benefits for all of its members.  All members will also have their past primary care experience counted toward placement on the salary scale. Across the board 2% increases will occur six months after implementation of the new MOA on December 26, 2021 and again six months later in June 2021.  A third 2% increase will occur in June 2023, in the last year of a three year contract.  The doctors will also receive $2000 for tuition reimbursement; 80 hours of CME leave; $500 for professional dues; paid physician licenses every two years; and upfront vacation accrual credits worth 7 pay periods of vacation accruals effective their first day of work.  

This MOA was a bit challenging because the doctors were being integrated as County employees from individual employment from each of the 18 clinics contracted to the County.  The team spent many evenings two to three times per week working on proposals to assure a smooth and fair transition. 

Congratulations to all Ventura county providers on winning their first contract! The bargaining team thanks them for their patience during the last few months of negotiations and for their participation in the multiple town hall meetings and surveys during that time. The dedication and commitment of the Ventura doctors made it all possible!