CHS Pharmacists Stop Favoritism and Win a Fair Every Other Weekend Off Schedule

On January 28, 2020, after two months of negotiations with UAPD pharmacists, LA County Correctional Health Services (CHS) agreed to fair implementation of an “Every Other Weekend Off” schedule, finally forcing pharmacy management to cease practicing favoritism and properly implement new contract language. The new language had been negotiated into the pharmacist’s successor agreement in 2019 in response to abusive practices by CHS pharmacy management including favoritism, harassment, and unfair scheduling.

In November 2019, CHS pharmacists contacted UAPD staff complaining that CHS managers were implementing the new language unfairly. UAPD escalated the matter to Employee Relations, issuing a cease and desist and demand to negotiate letter. Despite efforts at obstruction by pharmacy managers, negotiations started in early December, when the UAPD committee of pharmacists and the UAPD representative presented a carefully constructed proposal. Pharmacy managers, accustomed to getting away with illegal practices, tried to obstruct, but with UAPD reporting these violations, Employee Relations and top management had no choice but to overrule them and ultimately come to agreement with UAPD on a fair schedule.