UAPD Pulse – New Growth

Stuart A. Bussey, MD, JD |

As the pandemic winds down, the Spring shows signs of new life and growth…and that includes UAPD. Check out our new, evolving website. It has fresh news updates and information about our union. We will be adding an interactive member’s section, highlighting news and accomplishments in all of our sectors. We will have chat rooms, calendars, FAQs, and a section for you to communicate with your rep. By year’s end, we will connect our website to our new Unionware software to maximize our connectivity to you, your colleagues, your stewards, and reps.

As we enter our 50th year of existence, UAPD is experiencing a mid-life growth spurt.
This year we have added new members from our various sectors— over 100 urgent care providers in Tacoma, over 100 Ventura County providers, and 150 Lifelong FQHC providers in the SF Bay. These new members reflect health care’s increasing diversity. Besides doctors and dentists, we represent increasing numbers of NPs, PAs, social workers, acupuncturists, podiatrists. These providers work as a team of colleagues, not rivals. Thus, they belong in our union. There is strength in numbers as UAPD nears 5,000 members.

With greater strength and diversity comes an opportunity and responsibility to comment upon health issues that affect our members, their patients, and the public in general.
While politicians and other special interest groups comment passionately on the pandemic, climate change, racial injustice, police, and gun reform, UAPD doctors and providers can shed light, instead of heat, on these controversial topics. This year our E-Board created a public policy committee composed of E-Board members, staff, and all providers who are interested in researching, discussing, and writing on public health issues and possible solutions. We will begin regular evening meetings in the next few weeks. UAPD Secretary Dr. Shakalpi Pendurkar and Representative Tim Jenkins will be the point persons for this committee and will reach out to you shortly. We have other standing committees in which you are invited to participate in. Our Legislative Committee welcomes your ideas on bills UAPD can create or sponsor.

Our CME/Triennial Committee will be planning a great in-person celebration of UAPD’s 50th anniversary in the next several months. We would appreciate your ideas for a CME topic. We also need your help in crafting new Constitutional amendments which have not been updated since 2012. Our organizing committee is searching for your input on how to encourage union membership for those colleagues who are either not aware or hesitant to sign up. We will publish contact numbers and meeting dates for these various standing committees on our website.

Please help make our union not just a place to negotiate and enforce a contract, but relevant to our society. As in any family, all points of view should be considered and appreciated. Thanks for your loyalty and support of UAPD.

In Solidarity,

Stuart Bussey, MD, JD
UAPD President