UAPD is a co-sponsor of AB 960 (Bonta) – Medical Parole. A medical parole hearing is used to determine if an inmate who is permanently medically incapacitated should be placed in a licensed health care facility in the community rather than cared for inside a State prison. AB 960 was introduced by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, who has subsequently been appointed to be the Attorney General. Assemblymember Phil Ting has agreed to step in as the author of the bill. This bill would create a medical parole panel at each institution to act as the state’s parole authority for the purpose of medical parole decisions. Sitting on each panel would be a department psychologist, a primary care provider, and a representative from California Correctional Health Care Services. While protecting victims’ rights in the medical parole process, the bill would expand the qualifying criteria for medical parole and establish a new medical parole consideration process.