TA Reached on Rollover Contract for LA County BU 301

The UAPD Negotiating Team has reached a tentative agreement for Los Angeles County BU 301 (Pharmacists) for a rollover contract with a 6-month term. Bargaining over the full contract will begin again in January 2022.

The Bargaining Team is recommending a YES approval. The team is happy with the small but valuable gains in the short term. UAPD members in LA County BU 301 can vote on ratification online between now and December 23, 2021 at 5 pm. Ballots have been emailed to addresses on file with UAPD. Any UAPD member in BU 301 who didn’t receive a ballot should call 310-398-4038.

These gains are additional to the gains made in the CCU contract on benefits.

You can view the TA document here. Summary of our gains:

  • Extended the current contract for six months to expire on March 30, 2022.
  • Amended article on Overtime: Increase the amount of overtime hours that can be accrued in a calendar year from 120 hours to an increase of 240 hours.
  • Amended article on reimbursement for Board of Pharmacy Certification reflecting an extension of the provisions until March 31, 2022.
  • Amended article on Training by adding:
    • COVID 19-IMPACT ON USE OF TRAINING HOURS: As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, Management acknowledges unit members may not have been able to use their training hours provided for the contract year 10/1/2020 through 9/30/21. As such, Management agrees to extend an additional 12 hours of training to all unit members. Additionally, all unused training hours not used during the contract year of 10/1/2020 through 9/30/21 can be used, including the additional 12 hours provided above. If the additional hours including unused hours are not used by March 31, 2022 they will be lost.