Meeting with Senator Anthony Portantino Discussing Medical and Healthcare Access

Los Angeles, CA — Doug Chiappetta, M.A., Executive Director met with Sen. Anthony Portantino, along with Chris Ige, Southern California Director, and George Osborn, Contract Advocate. The UAPD expressed concern about the unintended consequences of AB 890, expected to be fully implemented in 2023, which removes county physician supervision of county nurse practitioners. Our team also discussed improving medical and healthcare access throughout the state of California.

While AB 890 is intended to improve healthcare access in rural and underserved areas where there are a limited number of physicians—the best way to improve access and provide patient care is by having a team of providers to ensure quality of care. Under AB 890, nurse practitioners are not required to consult with a physician, even when the patient presents with symptoms or a condition outside of their expertise (related to diagnosis, proper protocol, and medication prescriptions.) Physicians and nurse practitioners have different education, training, and licensing requirements. Historically, physician supervision has served as a safety net for patients and with AB 890, this safety net would be stripped away from patients.

We look forward to working with Sen. Anthony Portantino in the future on legislation that will improve healthcare access for Californians.