UAPD Thwarts State’s Attempt to Impede Care Provided by Dentists at Correctional Facilities

After two months of fighting back, the UAPD was made aware by California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHSC) HQ that they will be rescinding the memo issued October 13, 2022 in its entirety. This could not have been accomplished without the overwhelming amount of Dentists responding to our survey, sending comments to the UAPD about how this memo impacts their ability to provide quality patient care, and the incredible work done at the bargaining table by the UAPD team consisting of members and staff. While we celebrate this win and the power of collective bargaining, it is not to be underscored by the fact that the work is not yet done.

We will continue to meet with CCHCS Dental department to discuss the unreasonable workload and expectations placed on our Dentists on a daily basis. The current practices by HQ of dictating schedules, not allowing time for breaks, and not allowing professional autonomy is a dangerous act by administrators who are not performing the exam of the patient and have no way of knowing the treatment needed nor the amount of time needed to perform said treatment. We have also scheduled a meeting with Assemblymember Jim Wood in early January. Asm. Wood is a Dentist and we are prepared to discuss with him the issues Dentists are facing daily while working for CCHCS.

Additionally, the UAPD team will begin bargaining with the state early next year for our new contract. We will need to be united during contract negotiations to put pressure on the State to accept our bargaining proposals.

There is power in numbers and the State knows the percentage of membership we have. Stronger membership equates to strength at the bargaining table. More strength at the bargaining table equates to better contracts.

If you are not a member, or know a colleague who is not a member, sign up today. If you have questions about membership or any other concerns, please reach out to one of our labor representatives. If you are not sure who your labor representative is, find out here.

We look forward to working together to continue organizing around Dental issues, and to organize around bargaining for a contract that respects and acknowledges the work we do as professional Doctors and Dentists.

In Solidarity, the UAPD Team:

Dr. Remy Black, DDS California City
Dr. Chi Nguyen, DDS, California Training Facility
Dr. Matthew Winkle, DDS, Sierra Conservation Center
Dr. Michael Scammura, DDS, California Rehabilitation Center Norco
Dr. Brendan Donoghue, DDS, Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Dr. Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D., UAPD President
Doug Chiappetta, M.A., UAPD Executive Director
Spencer Davison, UAPD Representative
Nereyda Rivera, UAPD Representative
Glynnis Golden Ortiz, UAPD Representative