Contract Ratified for BU301

With an overwhelming 95% majority vote, the contract for BU301 pharmacists has been ratified! Thank you to the bargaining team members for their hard work and dedication to finalizing this contract. Please see below for details on next steps:

  • Retro checks will include 5.5% COLA back to October 1, 2022 — appearing on paychecks on 4/14/23
  • Bonuses will be retro to October 1, 2022 — appearing in paychecks on 4/14/23
  • Increase in evening and night shift differential and weekend differential
  • Corrections and Detention bonus
  • Signing Bonus will appear in paychecks on 4/28/23

A labor management committee will be established to discuss the implementation of two new bonuses:

  • NEW Staff Pharmacist working as Clinical Pharmacist Assignment Bonus
  • NEW Administrative Projects and Initiatives Bonus for Clinical Pharmacist and Staff Pharmacists