End of the Year Message from the UAPD President

Dear Members,

I hope that all of you got some well-deserved rest and family time this past week. As 2024 approaches, the UAPD looks back on the memorable year that we had. Our successes would not have been possible without your energy, loyalty and commitment.

In California and Washington state, strikes were authorized and executed and informational pickets were held to demonstrate to management that UAPD members will not back down in the face of difficult negotiations. These collective actions enabled us to achieve significant gains at the bargaining table and many good contracts. We shall continue to fight for our members’ rights with our legal teams and political advocacy. We have set an example to show the rest of the country’s health providers that doctors’ unions do work.

With our expansion to New York and Washington, D.C., UAPD is now in five states. Last year we organized more than 2000 attendings, residents, dentists and advanced practice clinicians. We get daily inquiries from across the country.

The UAPD staff and myself look forward to working with you to make 2024 an exciting year. Please participate in union committees, become a steward, run for office, suggest healthcare legislation, and make suggestions that will further strengthen UAPD. Talk to one another. Remember, you members are the union. Thanks for taking care of your patients and your community. Take care of yourself and UAPD will take care of you.

Happy New Year!

In Solidarity,

Stuart Bussey, MD, JD

UAPD President