The UAPD Honors Dr. Armin Tadayyon with the Sanford A. Marcus Service Award

Armin Tadayyon, MD, MBA, is being awarded by the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) with the Sanford A. Marcus service award for his exceptional leadership abilities and continuous advocacy for the rights of medical residents and patient care.

Driven by a passion to treat patients and impact the healthcare system on a larger scale for both his fellow physicians and his community—he pursued a dual MD/MBA degree to equip himself with the medical expertise and business acumen to navigate the complexities of healthcare.

Upon Armin’s arrival at the University at Buffalo (UB), he got involved in a letter writing campaign with residents across different specialties asking the UB board of directors for a raise. In less than one week, 70 percent of all residents had signed the letter. After management’s lackluster response to the letter, the residents involved in the letter writing campaign decided it was time for all residents to stand together and stop tolerating the disrespect. Discussions of unionization had been ongoing for several years, but it wasn’t until management’s response to the resident letter that the union drive got underway. It was time to find the right union to organize with.

After a weekly meeting discussing unionization efforts with his colleagues, Armin took action. He could no longer stand idly by while the morale of his co-residents was at an all-time low.

“We needed an organization with the right experience and the strength to back us up and fight for us,” Armin said, recalling the moment he connected with UAPD. “I came across UAPD in my research and I figured it was worth a shot to reach out despite UAPD mainly being a West Coast union at the time.”

Less than 24 hours after submitting an inquiry, Dr. Stuart Bussey, UAPD President, reached out to Armin saying that he was in upstate New York and that he wanted to meet.

“The universe gave me a sign and I knew I had to act,” Armin said, referring to the chance encounter with Dr. Bussey that cemented the decision for UB residents and fellows to organize with the UAPD.

Armin’s leadership goes beyond the unionization efforts. Prior to his time at UB, he was a highly sought-after MCAT tutor and medical school admissions counselor for premed students. With his mentorship, he prepared and inspired hundreds of students in their journey to being accepted into medical school.

He has fostered a culture of collaboration and respect within the residency program at UB. His belief that “medicine is a team sport” applies to residents across all specialties and he brings that belief to the bargaining table when advocating for his colleagues.

“Whenever patients go into an academic center or teaching hospital, they are almost guaranteed to have a resident physician as part of their care team. Residents need to feel secure in their job and feel supported by their employer to give the best quality of care for their patients,” Armin said when discussing the need for improvement in workplace culture among resident physicians.

Beyond the fight for the fair treatment of medical residents, Armin remains deeply committed to providing the highest quality of care for patients. He views anesthesiology as an art, where both scientific knowledge and human connection come together.

Armin is currently a third-year anesthesiology resident at the University at Buffalo (UB). He is also a member of the bargaining committee at UB as they negotiate their first union contract. He earned his MD/MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he also obtained his bachelor’s.

Upon completion of residency in 2025, Armin intends to go into private practice and continue honing his craft in anesthesiology. His ultimate goal is to transition into a hospital leadership position where he can improve patient care through policies and procedural changes to develop solutions that positively impact the community.

With his approach to medicine and team-player mentality, the UAPD is proud to honor Armin for his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his profession. This award is a testament to his remarkable achievements and even greater contributions to come.