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AHS Psychiatry SAN & PES Night Emergency Pay Issues

March 24, 2016

UAPD is in the process of resolving the SAN Psychiatrist wage adjustment dispute with Alameda Health System.  UAPD contends that each and every Psychiatry SAN classification (Psychiatrist I; Psychiatrist II, non Board Certified; Psychiatrist II, Board Certified; and the 1900-0700 flat rate shift) should receive the previously advertised wage adjustment of approximately 5.7% (148/140) going back to 6/21/15.

UAPD further contends that there should be NO change in the manner in which evening shift differentials, night shift differentials, and overnight 1900-0700 shifts have historically been paid. UAPD maintains that retroactivity checks should be 5.7% of wages earned from 6/21/15 through when the wage adjustment is properly implemented

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Wage Adjustments for Alameda Health Service Docs

February 24, 2016

The market wage adjustments and retro pay to last June 2015 will appear on Friday’s paycheck!  All Ambulatory docs will receive a 4% increase to base wages, and all full-time and part-time psychiatrists will receive a 10% wage increase retroactive to June 21, 2015.  SAN psychiatrists will receive a 6% increase to hourly rate retro to June 21, 2015.   UAPD is currently meeting with AHS over the bonuses for Ambulatory Care Doctors.  We should have an agreement soon.

UAPD Reaches TA with Alameda County

February 8, 2016

After a long period of negotation, UAPD has finally reached an agreement with Alameda County.  Click here to see a summary of the agreement.  The UAPD Team is asking members to vote YES to ratify this agreement on or before the deadline of February 12, 2016.   Ballots have been sent to UAPD members.

Bargaining Update for LA Physicians

December 14, 2015

UAPD Bargaining Unit 324 negotiations are slowly moving forward.  Healthcare Reform may be the biggest social and economic development in decades, but the County has had little to say about a comprehensive strategy for recruitment and retention of Bu 324 doctors.  How work is performed doesn’t appear to be a major management focus either.  The UAPD Bargaining Team understands that these negotiations, and our future labor-management committees, must address how doctors have been so badly undermined by poor workplace conditions.  There’s a Union consensus that management needs to include employee opinions and employee satisfaction as meaningful parts of their business plans.

Two months ago UAPD presented to the County a comprehensive and substantive salary proposal.  The County claims to be thoroughly reviewing our proposal and vetting their response before presenting.  Under Article 9 (Special Pay Practices), we have proposed increased standby compensation, a bonus for hard-to-recruit positions in the High Desert Health Systems, parity for MLK doctors, a bonus for detention and correctional facilities, and a percentage increase for the In-House-Physician-Registry.

Equally as important are the non-monetary proposals, which include enhanced legal protections for physicians who have a challenge to their medical license as a result of any e-Consult action.

Your bargaining team also proposed a new article entitled Professional Judgement, which states, ”the parties agree BU324 employees shall not practice, nor shall they be required to practice, in any manner which places their professional license(s) in jeopardy.”

The County has cancelled the last two scheduled bargaining sessions because they are not ready to respond to our salary proposal.  UAPD and the County are scheduled to resume bargaining Wed. Jan 6 and Wed. Jan 13, 2016.

Open Positions at AHS

November 25, 2015

Physician II – Board Certified   14699
Winton Wellness Center, Hayward, CA


Physician II – Board Certified   15236
Eastmont Wellness Center, Oakland, CA


Physician II – Board Certified   15645
Newark Wellness Center, Newark, CA

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Santa Clara Doctors Stop Contracting Out

November 12, 2015

A battle between doctors in Santa Clara County and County administrators ended with a big victory for UAPD.  After weeks of protest, the County agreed not to replace doctors at their corrections facilities with outside contractors as originally planned.  The County instead raised the differential for those jobs to 25%.  With that differential in place, positions that had remained vacant for years quickly filled.  A UAPD doctor was also given a seat on the Blue Ribbon Commission that was created to investigate and improve conditions in the jails.

Back in September, UAPD received notice that Traditions Behavioral Health and representatives of the County of Santa Clara had signed an agreement to immediately hire outside contractors to provide psychiatric services to the Main Jail, Elmwood Correctional Facility, and Elmwood Correctional Center for Women.  At about the same time, two doctors currently employed in the Main Jail were told that starting in October, custodial health services will be performed by TBH contractors rather public employees.

UAPD launched a comprehensive campaign to urge the County Supervisors to reject that agreement, and a large number of Santa Clara doctors have joined the fight.  The County’s attempt to replace regular positions with contractors posed a direct threat to all Santa Clara doctor jobs and the services they provide to the community.
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AHS Market Reopener on Salaries

November 9, 2015

UAPD has been meeting with AHS over the market reopener negotiated earlier this year.   UAPD prepared a comprehensive survey of the surrounding counties that shows that AHS salaries for specialties are below market, except for dental. View market survey here.

After two months of checking the accuracy of the Union’s survey, AHS did not dispute our survey results.   Yet they made an unreasonable proposal, which completely ignores the undisputed market survey.  View AHS proposal here.

UAPD met with management to analyze the quality measures for the first half of the incentive period.  The results so far show some clinics are not able to meet the unreasonable targets set by AHS.  The union has argued that this is due to system wide problems that the employer has not fixed, one of which is high physician vacancies.  View metrics report here.

No results for JGPP incentive measurements have been produced by AHS.

New Clinic Joins UAPD

November 1, 2015

Providers at the To Help Everyone (THE) Health and Wellness Centers in Los Angeles have joined UAPD and negotiated their first contract.  The new UAPD contract was overwhelmingly ratified by members.   A contract summary is below, and the full text of the Agreement will be distributed once it is finalized.  Congratulations to all!

Summary of T.H.E. Contract
  • 5% across the board increases (3 guaranteed + 2 merit) in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Higher entry level salaries
  • Progressive Discipline – Guarantee that any disciplinary action be fair and backed by evidence.
  • Grievance Procedure – A clear procedure for setting disputes between the employer and providers.
  • Binding Arbitration – A neutral third party to settle any disputes that cannot be resolved in house.
  • Layoff Based on Seniority and Classification – Guarantee that any layoffs will be conducted fairly.
  • 40 hours CE after 1 full year of employment, excluding PTO  (PTO starts after 90 days)
  • NP’s and PA’s are allowed up to $1000.00 in CE reimbursement
  • MDs and DDS are allowed up to $1500.00 in CME/CE reimbursement

LA Physicians in Bargaining

October 5, 2015

Los Angeles County Physicians (324) are at the table this month.  One of the ways that an employer gauges the strength of a union during bargaining is by its membership rate — the percentage of people who have chosen to sign an application to become full members rather than remain fair share fee payers.  Over the next few weeks, UAPD staff will be working across Los Angeles County to maximize our level of membership.  LA County members are asked to  give organizers a hand locating the non-members, and to speak to their colleagues about the importance of being a UAPD member.  The contract we’re negotiating covers everyone — and the more people who become members, the better that contract will be.

Bargaining Update for Physicians (BU 324)

UAPD is currently in negotiations with Los Angeles County over the next contract for Physicians (BU 324).  Priorities include making permanent the Primary Care/Internal Medicine pay increases that were granted under the “Manpower Shortage” policy, fixing shortfalls in specialty pay scales, gaining recognition for unrecognized specialties, and addressing pay equity more generally.

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Alameda Doctors Unsatisfied with County Offer

October 5, 2015

Alameda County currently has over a 50% vacancy rate among Physician llls and is spending $190 per hour on locum tenens to provide some coverage.  Last fiscal year alone, the County spent $1.55 million dollars on locum coverage.  To explain the vacancy rate, the UAPD bargaining team presented management with comparisons between doctor salaries in Alameda County and elsewhere in the Bay Area.  Alameda County is at the bottom of the list when recent salary increases in San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Kaiser are taken into account.  In fact, Alameda County is about 15%-20% below the market when compared to those employers.
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