California Counties

LA County Anesthesiologists Win Big Pay Increase

After months of pressure from UAPD, in January 2021 the LA County Chief Executive Officer (CEO) issued a memo authorizing a “Critical Shortage Recruitment Rate” for obstetric, pediatric and cardiothoracic anesthesiologists which moved them to the top step of the pay...

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PERB Rules in Favor of Doctors in Ventura County

A Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Administrative Law Judge issued a scathing ruling against Ventura County last week, in favor of the doctors there who have been fighting to have UAPD represent their unit. Ventura County had recognized UAPD as the exclusive...

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COVID-Crisis PPE Emergency

On May 1, 2020, a panicked primary care physician in an LA County clinic wrote to supervision, “I will not be able to see the COVID suspect patients in the cafeteria. I do not have proper PPE [Personal Protective Equipment]. We need to reuse our jump suit…We have to...

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UAPD Stops Clinic from Eliminating COVID Exposure Protections

One afternoon in late March 2020, pharmacists working at a Los Angeles County outpatient center were abruptly informed that to keep patients from entering the building, pharmacy operations would be moved into small tents outdoors the next day, eliminating the glass...

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