Legal Advocacy

Concerns Rising about Receivership End

Advocates for inmates and some medical officials question whether the system will continue to improve without federal oversight. Read Full Article Inmate advocates question California's commitment to prison healthcare in the Los Angeles Times

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PERB Rules in Favor of Ventura Doctors

A Public Employee Relations Board Administrative Law Judge issued a scathing ruling against Ventura County last week, in favor of the doctors there who have been fighting to have UAPD represent their unit.  Ventura County had recognized UAPD as the exclusive...

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Furlough Case Takes Disappointing Turn

Oon May 16th, UAPD was dismayed to learn that San Francisco’s First District Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision in favor of  UAPD on the issue of furloughs. In a case first filed in 2009, UAPD argued that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had not received...

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Dr. Rao Stands Up For Free Speech

Do doctors have a right to speak about patient safety problems in hospitals and not have it used as a basis for termination?  Do they have the same right to free speech as everyone else?  That’s the question being raised in a court battle between Dr. R.V. Rao and...

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Legal Consultation Fund: A Resource for UAPD Members

Starting January 1, 2010, any UAPD member who has received a formal written notice of suspension, termination, or limitation of medical staff privileges can apply to receive up to $500 per case and per year to pay for legal consultation. The fund will be used to pay...

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Update on UAPD Furlough Lawsuit

Furloughs of State Employees in Agencies Funded by Federal and Special Funds:  UAPD attorneys recently finished up appellate briefs and await oral argument in the Court of Appeals regarding the Governors’ appeal of the lower court ruling in the union’s favor regarding...

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