Legal Advocacy

Furlough Fight Continues

In late May, the state Supreme Court granted Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s request to hear one of the appeals he filed in response to a series of decisions made earlier this year; specifically the Supreme Court will review a Superior Court judge’s decision...

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Third Furlough Lawsuit Victory for UAPD

Alameda Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch has again sided with UAPD, this morning (March 24) issuing a tentative ruling that orders the State to allow all workers paid from special funds to return to their regular work schedules next month. In its original motion,...

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Second Furlough Lawsuit Victory

On Thursday February 25th, Judge Frank Roesch ruled in favor of UAPD in our case requesting back pay for furloughed state workers who are paid from sources other than the State's general fund. Judge Roesch delivered the same ruling in multiple cases filed by several...

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UAPD Wins Furlough Lawsuit — Schwarzenegger Vows Appeal

On the final day of 2009 Alameda Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch issued rulings in favor of three more public sector unions, including UAPD, which filed lawsuits against Governor Schwarzenegger's furloughs. The rulings serve as an important first step in turning the...

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Lawsuit: Complaint against El-Sabbawi

UAPD filed a California Medical Board complaint against Dr. Mohammed El-Saabawi, the court appointed monitor for five DMH hospitals. Dr. El-Saabawi, whose California Medical License expired in February, appears to be practicing medicine without a license in the DHM...

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