Legislative Advocacy

UAPD Endorses Tax on Sugary Beverages

The CCSF doctors UAPD represents are dedicated to safety net medical care and public health. A survey of the Union membership in advance of the 2014 San Francisco “soda tax“ proposition yielded 96% support for that measure. With Berkeley’s approval of a...

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Anti-MICRA Ballot Measure Qualifies for November Ballot

The anti-MICRA ballot measure has officially qualified for the November 2014 ballot.  Drafted by trial lawyers, the ballot measure is seeking to change current law to file more medical lawsuits against health care providers.  If they get their way, medical lawsuits,...

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Delegates Inspire More Contributions to PEOPLE Fund

UAPD members elected six delegates (Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D., Ernest W. Fessler, D.D.S., Ronald Lewis, M.D., L. Lee Nelson, M.D., Alice Faye Singleton, M.D., and Robert W. Starr, D.D.S.) to attend the AFSCME PEOPLE Convention in Sacramento in mid-March.  The...

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Trial Lawyers Launch Campaign to Remove MICRA Caps

Consumer Attorneys of California, representing trial lawyers, paid $6,635 to install the billboard. It is part of a coalition committed to spending $1 million in pushing to eliminate the $250,000 cap, said Eric Bailey, spokesman for trial lawyers... Lisa Maas,...

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Order Proposition Posters and Buttons Today

Vote by mail ballots go out in early October, so now is the time to ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to vote Yes on Prop 30 and No on Prop 32.  Prop 30 will increase taxes in order to protect vital public services.  The additional revenue is needed...

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