UAPD Updates

State Bargaining Update for March 27, 2009

Negotiations continued this week between the UAPD Bargaining Team and representatives from the State of California. Major issues are still unresolved, therefore negotiations will continue into April. The next scheduled bargaining date is Friday, April 7th. The...

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Third Furlough Lawsuit Victory for UAPD

Alameda Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch has again sided with UAPD, this morning (March 24) issuing a tentative ruling that orders the State to allow all workers paid from special funds to return to their regular work schedules next month. In its original motion,...

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Possible Conflict of Interest in Proposed UC/CDCR Deal?

While the University of California eventually released statements denying that UC Vice President John Stobo, the main proponent of NuPhysicia plan, ever benefitted financially from his relationship with that company (Stobo was the non-executive founding chairman of...

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