UAPD Updates

Townhall on Hospital Crisis in Gallup, NM

https://youtu.be/y0QeyC2jY4Q Dr. Lawrence Andrade recounts being threatened by CEO Donald Smithburg of the Community Hospital Corporation. https://youtu.be/lApZZZbDFjw Community member Doug Shannon stands up for Dr. Andrade and other health care workers....

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UAPD and CCU Reach TA on Fringe Benefits in LA County

After months of bargaining, UAPD and the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) have reached a tentative agreement on fringe benefits with the County of Los Angeles. The agreement will now go before the Board of Supervisors, where we expect it to receive final approval. The...

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By Beth Blakeman, Managing Editor, Gallup Sun   Doctors at Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital submitted signed union authorization cards to the National Labor Relations Board as a step toward forming a union in partnership with the Union of American Physicians and...

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