ACMC Doctors Opt for Contract Extension

On June 30, 2010, the UAPD Negotiating Committee for Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC) signed a tentative agreement to extend the current physician contract for one year.  The Agreement was ratified by ACMC union members on July 16.  The one year extension will maintain all benefits at current levels and leave all other contract language unchanged.

Although the extension contained no cost of living adjustment, the UAPD committee concluded that opening the contract this year would have exposed members to management’s cost-cutting proposals, which would have had a detrimental effect on patient coverage and workloads.

The UAPD Bargaining Team expects the Medical Center’s finances to improve over the next year, putting them in a better position to fairly address UAPD’s proposals during the next round of bargaining in 2011.

The UAPD Negotiating Committee at the Alameda County Medical Center consisted of  Jackie Bolds, M.D., Jacob Eapen, M.D., Bruce Fitzgerald, M.D., Milton Lorig, M.D., and Senior Labor Representative Patricia Hernandez.