Health Plan Changes at ACMC

Alameda County Medical Center doctors, who are not covered by the same contract as other Alameda County-employed doctors, agreed to negotiate with the County over the language that governs their health insurance.  All members voted in favor of the plan.

Because most ACMC employees have opted for the less-expensive Kaiser health insurance plan, the proposed rates for the alternative plan, Pacific Care, had increased by 25% for 2011.  Hoping to keep both health care options viable, doctors voted to accept contract language that slightly increased the cost of the most-popular Kaiser plans, but dramatically decreased the cost of the Pacific Care plan, making the latter plan a more attractive option.   Among the choices for health coverage, the medical center will continue to offer a Kaiser budget-level plan that will remain free for full time employees.  For those employees who opt out of purchasing health insurance, the “share the savings payment” will increase to a flat $250/month.  No other contract changes were made during the re-opener.