San Mateo County in Negotiations

Negotiations with San Mateo County are progressing at a very slow pace.  A big factor in setting that pace is the complexity of the County’s proposal to modify the defined benefit plan for future employees.  On October 27, 2010, the County submitted its comprehensive proposal for settlement, which, unfortunately, falls quite short of addressing most of the Union’s proposals.   In its most recent package, given to the employer on November 4th, the UAPD team has proposed various means of increasing compensation, including some added differentials and an additional top step, in order to keep the county competitive with other employers in the area.  UAPD is also seeking contract language that governs the use of Electronic Medical Records, so that doctors will be given sufficient time during the work day to keep EMRs up to date.  For its part, the county wants to increase health care premiums and co-pays and insert new language into the agreement that would let them reduce the number of doctors in units that have day-to-day fluctuation of patient census.