San Mateo County

Newest San Mateo UAPD Contract is Available

The updated Memorandum of Understanding for the County of San Mateo is now online and available in PDF format. SMEP members with mailing addresses on file shall also receive a physical copy of the MOU as a booklet from UAPD in the upcoming weeks. If you are unsure...

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San Mateo Reopener Results in Wage Increase

As previously reported, UAPD successfully negotiated a salary reopener one year into the current contract. The results of that survey found that San Mateo County Psychiatrists had fallen below the market average for the Bay Area. As a result, your salaries have been...

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San Mateo County Doctors Settle Strong Contract

The UAPD Bargaining Committee (Drs. Anand Chabra, Richard Ehling, John Herbert, Manuel Pena, and Zachary Plaut) urged members to vote YES and ratify this agreement, which they did.  Having been negotiated over two months, this four year agreement contains significant...

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San Mateo UAPD Members Ratify Contract

On Tuesday, April 12, 2013, the UAPD Members in San Mateo ratified the negotiated agreement between the Union and the County. On May 7, 2013, the agreement shall go before the Board of Supervisors for approval and shall be implemented on May 12, 2013. The  UAPD...

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San Mateo County Announces Closure of Long Term Care Center

San Mateo County has informed UAPD that due to a $31 million dollar budget gap for the next fiscal year, they are not planning to renew their lease at Burlingame Long Term Care Center when it expires in June 2013.  However, they do plan to open 32 additional nursing...

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