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UAPD Files Grievance Against San Mateo for Illegal Time-Off Policy

April 25, 2018

UAPD filed a grievance against the County for illegally denying time off to doctors in the dental department.  All of the dentists are women.  Their Dental Director has unilaterally implemented a policy of “only one dentist off at one time” regardless of the clinic!  As a result, UAPD is meeting with County representative to fight the discriminatory impact of this policy.


In other news, UAPD members shall be receiving a 3% Cola on May 6, 2018. UAPD negotiated an increase based on CPI. 

San Mateo Reopener Results in Wage Increase

November 17, 2016

As previously reported, UAPD successfully negotiated a salary reopener one year into the current contract. The results of that survey found that San Mateo County Psychiatrists had fallen below the market average for the Bay Area. As a result, your salaries have been adjusted retroactively to July 3, 2016 (the first full pay period of the current fiscal year). You will see both your increase in salary and retroactive pay on the pay check issued December 9, 2016 for the following specialties:  

  • Adult Psychiatrist and Supervising Adult Psychiatrist – 9.1%
  • Child Psychiatrist and Supervising Child Psychiatrist- 9.9%

San Mateo County Doctors Settle Strong Contract

August 5, 2015
The UAPD Bargaining Committee (Drs. Anand Chabra, Richard Ehling, John Herbert, Manuel Pena, and Zachary Plaut) urged members to vote YES and ratify this agreement, which they did.  Having been negotiated over two months, this four year agreement contains significant wage and equity increases, along with benefit improvements, for all members.   Under this contract, members will see a wage increase of 14.5%-18.5% (depending on seniority) in the first year alone.   You can download a summary of the new agreement here or by going to

San Mateo UAPD Members Ratify Contract

April 12, 2013

On Tuesday, April 12, 2013, the UAPD Members in San Mateo ratified the negotiated agreement between the Union and the County. On May 7, 2013, the agreement shall go before the Board of Supervisors for approval and shall be implemented on May 12, 2013.

The  UAPD Negotiating Committee did a wonderful job carefully balancing the County’s demand for concessions while fighting for the fair treatment of UAPD professionals and their services.  Your UAPD Committee: Joe Broderick, MD; Rick Ehling, MD; John Herbert, MD; Manuel Pena, MD; and Patricia Hernandez, Chief Negotiator.

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San Mateo County Announces Closure of Long Term Care Center

January 4, 2012

San Mateo County has informed UAPD that due to a $31 million dollar budget gap for the next fiscal year, they are not planning to renew their lease at Burlingame Long Term Care Center when it expires in June 2013.  However, they do plan to open 32 additional nursing beds on the SMMC campus.  UAPD is setting up a meet and confer with the County to discuss the impact of these changes on UAPD members.  While workers in other classifications may face layoffs, the effects on doctors are expected to be minimal.  UAPD will issue an update when more information is available.

BLTC Staff FAQs 1-3-12

Bargaining Roundup: Counties, Clinics, CSU

July 12, 2011

In recent years the best strategy for many county bargaining units has been to rollover the current contract rather than negotiate a new one, assuming the employer agrees to do so. While extending a contract generally means no new salary increases, it also means no takeaways, which in the current economy is often a fair compromise. Los Angeles County Bargaining Unit 324 (Physicians) and Bargaining Unit 325 (Dentists and Psychiatrists) each recently agreed to extend their current county contracts until 2012. This was an especially appealing option for BU 324 members, because their contract includes a 3% annual increase which did not expire. BU 325 doctors who have not reached the top of the pay scale will also see a salary step increase this year. Sacramento County doctors also agreed to a one year extension of their contract, though it included a change in the retirement formula for new hires. As in Los Angeles County BU 325, Sacramento doctors not already at the final salary step will get a pay increase.

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UAPD Wins More Admin Time for San Mateo Doctors

June 30, 2011
UAPD successfully negotiated a 50% increase in admin time for all San Mateo County-employed physicians.  This time will be exclusively used for doing patient care duties that are not normally scheduled but nonetheless need to be completed by each physician.  Their admin time was increased from 10% to 15%.  This was a big victory for the committee, especially Dr. Saddick Alsadir Dr. Manuel Pena and Senior Labor Representative Patricia Hernandez.

San Mateo County Memorandum of Understanding (Contract)

June 22, 2011

Memorandum of Understanding — San Mateo County (PDF)
San Mateo County Human Resources
San Mateo County Civil Service Rules (PDF)
San Mateo County Employer-Employee Relations Policy (PDF)

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More County Doctors Join UAPD PAC

June 21, 2011

Recently Los Angeles County Psychiatrists and Dentists (BU 325) completed surveys that demonstrated their desire to have a stronger voice in Los Angeles-area politics. As a result, the UAPD Executive Board voted to create a program for collecting voluntary political contributions from Bargaining Unit 325 members, which can be used in support of local causes.

In the past, UAPD has used money donated to the union’s Political Action Committee (PAC) to protect pensions, stop privatization of doctor jobs, and resist infringements on our scopes of practice. UAPD PAC money also supports the campaigns of California candidates who have shown a willingness to support doctors’ causes. Historically, it has been the State-employed doctors who have made the bulk of the PAC contributions, in large part because a simple system for collecting contributions has long been in place for state workers. Creating systems to increase PAC participation of county doctors makes more PAC money available for county-level candidates and issues. The Los Angeles County BU 325 doctors are leading the way.

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May 13, 2011

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