In July of this year the CDCR mailed out seniority scores to all of its employees, in preparation for staff cuts that it says will accompany the prison population decrease mandated by AB 109.  So far, the UAPD has not been given any formal information specific to our bargaining unit regarding layoffs.   In a recent meeting with the CDCR, the UAPD was told that the department intends to lay off those affected employees by February 15, 2012, while implementing its three-year, three-stage inmate reduction plan.  The DPA and the CDCR could not say for certain if the UAPD represented doctors would be among those affected by the upcoming and/or future rounds of layoffs.  The CDCR representatives did say that by October 15th they would have a State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) surplus list available; note that receiving an SROA/surplus notice does not constitute your being laid off by the State.   The CDCR has launched a website to clarify its layoff policies.   As always, UAPD will do everything in its power to mitigate the effects of this plan on our members.