In the last round of negotiations the UAPD encouraged the State of California to reduce its reliance on outside contractors by creating its own in house type of registry for filling in temporary vacancies with existing civil service workers.   Such a registry program has the added benefit of allowing doctors at short-staffed facilities like yours to take vacation and CME leave that they are often times denied because of coverage issues. 

Recently CDCR began setting up such a program, sending notice of open PIE positions to a number of doctors throughout the state, including many of the limited term dentists who were laid off earlier this year.  It is now incumbent upon all of us to make sure that the PIE program is run in a way that is transparent, fair and effective.  Doctors have expressed concerns that the work be divided in a way that does not allow managers to show preferential treatment.  This is a valid concern.  The UAPD also wants to make sure that the CDCR does not use PIE positions where a permanent hire is appropriate.  The UAPD has already met with the CDCR and the DPA to discuss the program’s implementation. The UAPD will continue to monitor and communicate your concerns to the CDCR and the DPA as this registry program develops.