Under the UAPD contract for State BU 16 employees, there is no distinction between out-of-state and in-state CME courses, with both kinds qualifying for “up to seven (7) days per fiscal year of Continuing Medical Education (CME) leave and reasonable travel time” and up to “$1000 for tuition and/or registration fees, cost of course related books, and training materials, transportation or mileage expenses, toll and parking fees, lodging and subsistence expenses” (pro-rated for part-time workers).    Unfortunately, many State of California managers are not aware that the current ban on out-of-state trainings does not apply to out of state licensure requirements like CME.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued the following letter clarifying that out of state CMEs are indeed covered.  Doctors are encouraged to share this letter with their managers in any department, and contact their UAPD labor representative if they have any problems being reimbursed.

BU 16 Out of State CME Grievance Settlement