UAPD Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against Santa Clara County

Your UAPD Bargaining Committee has been negotiating with the County for a successor MOU for several months now.  Although we have been meeting regularly and for many hours each time, the County has presented us with delay after delay, making the prospect of an agreement in the near future very unlikely. As if the delays aren’t infuriating enough, just yesterday the Union learned that the County has made illegal changes to your holidays and health benefits without bargaining them with UAPD.

In response,  UAPD has filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the Public Employment Relations Board to overturn the unilateral changes to the holidays and benefits that have been illegally changed; 2) UAPD continues to push the County for evidentiary proof that will sustain the County’s position that the Union’s cost cutting proposals do not meet the its demand in cuts; and 3) UAPD continues to push for non-economic changes in procedure that will enhance our members’ rights under the contract at no additional cost to the County.