NEVHC Bargaining: Financial Proposals Discussed

The UAPD Bargaining Team continues to meet each week with North East Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) management to negotiate over the provisions that will be in the first contract for providers.  Negotiating a first contract generally takes longer than subsequent agreements because of the vast amount of new language that must be written and agreed to.  But progress is being made  Over the last year and a half, we have completed 85% of the language that will govern the terms of your employment with NEVHC. We have reached a tentative agreement (TA) on the articles pertaining to:   Non-Discrimination, Union Representation, Joint Labor Management Committee, Grievance Procedure, Bereavement Leave, Family/Medical/Pregnancy Leave, Military Leave, Jury Duty, Mileage Allowance, Separability, Employment Status, Performance Evaluation, Holidays, Sick Leave, Personal Files, Safety, Bulletin Boards, Contracting Out, Severance Pay. Please contact a bargaining team member to learn the details of any of the TA language.

Both sides are now discussing the financial proposals, which include provider wages, CME benefits, vacation time, on-call pay, and more. Because management must soon begin negotiations with the other bargaining unit at NEVHC, we are optimistic that they share our team’s desire to conclude negotiations before the end of the year   We will report again when we reach tentative agreements on the final financial proposals.   Before any new language can go into effect, UAPD members will vote on whether or not to approve the tentative agreements that the Bargaining Team has reached at the table.  UAPD will hold meetings in order to educate members about the details of the contract before the ratification vote takes place.