Santa Cruz County Health Premium Issue Resolved

In Santa Cruz County, CalPERS implemented the plan cost increases for 2014 before Santa Cruz County was allowed to increase the amount it pays towards doctors’ health plans, as agreed to in UAPD negotiations.   CalPERS is requiring the County to undergo a fairly lengthy process  to increase its contribution amount, which will take until March or later to complete.

In keeping with the spirit of their agreement with UAPD, the County has agreed to reimburse doctors for the difference between what they are now paying for healthcare and what they would be paying if the increase in the County’s contribution had occurred alongside the rate increase.  The amount owed will be calculated for each doctor once the CalPERS process finishes and the County contribution increase goes into effect.  UAPD appreciates the County’s swift response and fair resolution to this problem.

To see what you will be paying for your healthcare once the contribution increase goes into effect, see this chart.