Less than Full-Time FTEs in Santa Clara

Some good news on an on-going issue.  Those physicians who currently work above their 50% FTE on a regular basis will have their Annual Leave hours adjusted to their average hours worked in 2013.  Payroll has been instructed to calculate and restore Annual Leave hours within the next several weeks.  Also, Dr. Ho will begin the paperwork to change half-time FTEs to the following scale based on your average hours in 2013:

FTE and Average Hours Worked Per Pay Period

50%        40 hrs/pp
60%        48 hrs/pp
67%        53.6 hrs/pp
70%        56 hrs/pp
75%        60 hrs/pp
80%        64 hrs/pp
87.5%     70 hrs/pp
90%        72 hrs/pp

Please contact Patricia Hernandez at pat@uapd.com if you would like to know your average hours worked in 2013.