Most of the Bargaining Unit 16 doctors who are eligible to receive an automatic payout of $1000 in CME funds have received their checks from the State.   However, doctors in some facilities are still waiting for payment.  UAPD has contacted CalHR to urge them to work with the affected departments to issue those checks quickly.  We will update you about their response.

Checks are being sent to full-time doctors who have not used any of their CME funds in the current fiscal year.  Part-time doctors and those who have already used some CME funds since July 1, 2013 must use the same procedure they have used in the past to request reimbursement before June 30, 2014.  Starting July 2014, all full and part time doctors will receive their CME payment by mail.  Read about the rules governing the payout of CME money here.

CME Money Has Been Taxable Since 2002

The checks doctors are receiving show deductions for taxes, which has come as a surprise to some.  However, the CME reimbursements doctors receive have been taxable since 2002, when the IRS began considering that money an employer-provided educational expense.  The fact that the money now is paid up-front, rather than reimbursed after the fact, has not affected the taxation of that money.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact your labor representative.